Case Study

CRAFTWORK provides elevated brand services that produce meaningful results for our valued partners.


CRAFTWORK designed and developed the new official John Wayne Stock and Supply shop which we launched in JUNE of 2018.  The goal was to produce an enterprise level consumer experience for John Wayne fans and apply our proven Ecommerce strategy to further monetize the brand.  

In addition, and perhaps more importantly, we set out to design and develop an overall brand experience and product collection that would appeal to a younger audience.  John Wayne was a true American patriot and our goal was appeal to a new generation where these values still ring true today.  With that we aspired to develop an apparel and hard goods collection that would attract a new and younger consumer segment to the John Wayne brand.  In order to showcase the brand properly we shot a vast amount of authentic and compelling lifestyle content to fuel digital engagement.  Finally, with a sound user experience, robust and on-trend product assortment, and compelling content we aggressively promoted the brand and experience through targeted direct marketing with tremendous success.